10 Facts about our Technology to the Point

Reliability is always important but in times like these it becomes essential . Haitian machines excel in their price performance ratio, ready availability and cutting-edge, energy-efficient solution.

1. Innovation

New innovations and product developments are based solely on our clients needs and demands in the way the machines are used. We do not believe in over-engineering  our machines. The cost structures are stable yet offer continuously increasing performance and efficiency. We currently employ, worldwide, over 500 engineers in our R&D department.

2. Low purchase costs

Our state-of-the-art factories, producing at high-volume coupled with our extensive 50 year experience enables us to offer our machines at highly competitive price points while maintaining the highest of quality . This gives you noticeable price advantages for each and every of our products.

3. Optimized cost structures

The attractive purchase price giving reduced machine hourly rates is not the only saving. Additional savings also come from:

–  high uptime & availability (24/7) thanks to reliable technology,
–  high flexibility with the shortest set-up times in mould changeover,
–  and low follow-up costs (energy, maintenance, service).

4. Reliability

The Haitian group manufactures all core components for both Haitian and Zhafir series,strictly adhering to international standards. This strict in-house manufacturing guarantees technical consistency and high efficiency and reliability in 24/7 mode.

Manufacturing in China; Haitian Mars Series

Almost 100% of the core components for our machines are procuced within the Haitian Group

5. Speedy availability

The Haitian Group’s decentralized assembly and manufacturing plants together with more than 60 partners providing service & support means optimized delivery routes, a huge number of stock machines from 400-10.800 kN and extremely fast commissioning of machines, peripherals and spare parts.

6. Energy efficiency

Our own servo drives which are also developed and manufactured in-house, have been installed as standard in all our series since 2007. From the moment of introduction, the drive concepts designed for high energy efficiency have undergone continuous optimization and improvement, leading to energy savings of up to 70% in comparison with traditional drive concepts.

Inverters produced by the Haitian Group

Energy-efficient Haitian servo motors for all machine sizes from 40 – 6,600 t clamping force

7. Wide ranging applications

Our two brands Haitian Plastics Machinery (servo-hydraulic SGM) and Zhafir Plastics Machinery (electric SGM) serve over 95% of all industrial applications including: all-electric precision, fast cycle variants, two-platen solutions or multi-component solutions. In a clamping force range from 400 – 66,000 kN (up to 33,000 kN electric), we can supply modular concepts for nearly any requirement.

8. Open integration

We pride ourselves on the innovative use of smart technologies which allow system-based networking and control of machines including peripherals in any imaginable manufacturing process. Open system platforms based on OPC UA ensure full connectivity and a freedom of choice of integration partners.

9. Free trainings

We offer comprehensive training on our machines here in Ebermannsdorf, which is always free of charge. In addition, our application centre is available for project related training in Ebermannsdorf.

10. Turnkey Solutions

Continuous development and market adaptation of the Haitian Group. High value-added depth and know-how delivers technology “from a single source”. Especially in future-oriented topics such as Industry 4.0 and digitization. Nevertheless, free choice of upstream and downstream integration partners.

Automotive Turnkey-Solution by Haitian