Servohydraulic Injection Molding Machines

We are the exclusive representative of Haitian and Zhafir brands injection molding machines, manufactured by the world leader in plastic processing machinery - HAITIAN Group. We offer our customers both modern, precise electric machines with minimal costs and maintenance requirements as well as economical and energy-efficient machines equipped with servo-hydraulic drive.


Haitian Mars series V injection molding machines have been on the market for more than 10 years, and during that time, they have established themselves as an industry leader in servohydraulic injection molding technology. Mars injection molding machine is the best-selling series of injection molding machines in the world.                                

With the fifth generation of Mars machines, innovative servomotors - combined with improved design - result in significantly higher precision performance while optimizing energy consumption.


The Haitian Jupiter V is a series of two-platen servo-driven servohydraulic injection molding machines. It is offered in sizes ranging from 4 500 kN to
88 000 kN clamping force. The compact design of the machine ensures optimum use of space in production halls.

Jupiter V injection molding machines allow working with molds of considerable dimensions, offering a large clearance between platens, with the possibility of its additional enlargement. A wide range of injection unit sizes allows you to precisely match the machines to your production needs.