Plasticizing units

The offer includes technical consulting, production and installation of plasticizing units.

Plasticizing units for injection molding machines

We supply plasticizing units for injection molding machines of European and Asian production. Plasticizing units are made in accordance with manufacturers' standards in terms of dimensions, materials and production technology. This approach allows for full interchangeability of spare parts. Upon request, we provide customized products to maximize production efficiency.               

Plasticizing units for extruders

We make plasticizing units for single- and twin-screw extruders of all manufacturers. Our solutions are based on standard solutions and geometries offered by our suppliers.    


Changing the plasticizing unit diameter

The service includes technical advice, fabrication and installation of a new plasticizing unit with a diameter smaller or larger than the diameter available in the catalogue of the machine manufacturer. This allows you to change the shot weight and adapt the machine's capabilities to produce new products.


Injection nozzles

Standard injection nozzles and accessory nozzles. Pneumatic and hydraulic drive nozzles . Nozzles for material mixing, filtering, degassing.


Screw tips

Screw tips according to the standard of the manufacturer of the injection molding machine and customized to customer requirements. Ball tips for mixing, precise closing, with rotating and fixed ring.


Products in accordance with manufacturers' standards and customized geometries - available to order and fully adjusted to customer needs. Geometries dedicated to engineering plastics, transparent materials, fast cycles and improving colouring.