Injection nozzles

Standard injection nozzles and accessory nozzles. Nozzles operated pneumatically and hydraulically. Nozzles for material mixing, filtering, degassing.

Available solutions


Nozzles corresponding to the solutions used by injection molding machine manufacturers

  • Depending on customer requirements - pneumatically or hydraulically driven nozzles. Provides precise control of opening and closing of the plastic melt path into the mold
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Prevents air pockets during screw rotation - scooping
  • Increased process reliability and repeatability
  • Usefulness at increased back pressure – better plasticisation
  • Not suitable for long glass fibre material
  • Not suitable for PVC
  • Nozzle controlled by spring force, opened directly by injection pressure. Prevents plastic from escaping from the nozzle
  • A simple solution at an optimal price
  • Can be used with increased back pressure
  • Quick installation
  • Not suitable for long glass fibre material
  • Not suitable for PVC, PPS
  • Uses more advanced fluid mechanics properties. The plasticized plastic passes through a spiral type mixer, causing the plastic jet to split and merge back onto the angled blades. This action forces the mixer to rotate, in result causing the plastic to spin.
  • Increased mixing effect
  • Pressure drop below 5%
  • Easy colour change
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Long service life
  • Can be replaced for an ordinary nozzle
  • Can be used on any machine
  • The main task of the nozzle is to filter out impurities in the range of 0.5 - 3 mm (depending on the filter size) with a relatively low pressure drop. In addition, it also improves colours mixing.
  • Blocks contaminants
  • Pressure drop below 3%
  • Filters with different degrees of filtration available
  • Protection of hot runner system