The new generation of our best seller has become more excellent than ever with the introduction of significant modifications. New motors and intelligent motion control ensure even more precise and stable production process. Mars injection molding machines are used in a wide range of manufacturing applications such as:  consumer goods, toys or construction. Optimized core components, such as the closed- loop-controlled injection unit, enhance the productivity and production quality of the world's most acclaimed injection molding machine.

Servo-hydraulic toggle

600 - 33 000 kN

New high-drive servo system

High repeatability

Main benefits

Intelligent + Dynamic + Interactive

Clamping unit - optimized moving platen design provides uniform distribution of clamping forces, reduced plate deformation and increased precision of movement. Even better process control with intelligent algorithms.

Servo drive system

A new high-performance servo system supported by a digital, highly dynamic and sensitive encoder.

Open integration

Based on OPC standards for communication and data transfer, the KEBA controller used in the MARS series supports the integration of Industry 4.0. It allows interaction with all popular interfaces, communication with peripheral devices and data exchange with MES systems.

Standard technical specification of the MARS series

Clamping Unit
  • Optimized 5-point double toggle system for mold clamping unit
  • 5-stage mold open/close,pressure & speed adjustable
  • Box structure mold platen, reasable stress on materials
  • Electrical and hydraulic double interlcok seccurity
  • Mold height adjustment using hydraulic motor
  • Thin-oil central lubrication system for mold clamping unit
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic supporting system for movable platen
  • Toggle lubrication signal is optimal treated and controlled by the computer
  • Multi mode hydraulic ejection control, pressure and speed adjustable
  • Automatic mold height adjustment function for clamp force setting
  • Use graphitic steel bushing and graphitic copper bushing for mold clamping unit
  • Mold cooling water connector
  • Low pressure mold protection function
  • Special pre-tensioning tie bar for reliable endurance
  • Potential meter for mold open/close and ejection
  • Mold open/close brake circuit
  • Ejector quick connection device
  • Fast mold closing device
  • Installation hole for robot Euro 18
  • Door booster of safety door (600 T – 900 T)
  • Control device for electrically operated door (1000 T – 1200 T)
  • T-slot mold platen
  • Mechanical safety (optional) (1200 T)
  • Installation of safety pedal under machine body’s mold area (1200 T)
Injection Unit
  • Twin cylinder balanced injection system
  • Single cylinder injection unit control (60 T - 200 T)
  • Twin cylinder injection unit control (250 T – 1200 T)
  • Start position control from injection to pressure holding (time and position)
  • Injection position monitoring function, potential meter for injection
  • Injection safety cover
  • Nozzle safety cover
  • Barrel heating safety cover
  • Time heating function, plasticizing cold start prevention function
  • Nozzle centering alignment device
  • Three modes for injection unit retraction: after charge, before mold open and after injection
  • Suck back function
  • High torque motor for screw plasticization
  • Plasticizing and back pressure proportional adjustment
  • PID barrel temperature control device
  • Automatic purging function
  • Injection unit anti-slip aluminum cover (280 T – 1200 T)
  • Stainless steel plate (60 T -250 T)
  • Screw speed sensor
  • 6-stage injection unit control, 6-stage  hold pressure control, and 5-stage plasticizing control; pressure and speed adjustable
  • Water cooling control system for hopper cooling ring
  • Ceramic heating bands (280 T – 1200 T)
  • Mechanical support for injection barrel (530 T – 1200 T)
  • Injection unit swiveling device
  • Removable ordinary hopper (60 T – 380 T)
  • Fixed ordinary hopper (470 T – 1200 T)
  • Nitrided screw with double flights (60 T – 470 T)
  • Chrome-plated variable pitch screw for type A and type B; alloyed variable pitch screw for type C and type D (530 T – 1200 T)
Hydraulic Unit
  • Back pressure proportional controlled
  • Low-noise hydraulic control system
  • Oil temperature monitoring, oil temperature upper and lower limit alarm
  • Superfine by-pass oil filter (60 T – 470 T)
  • Independent by-pass oil filter (530 T – 1200 T)
  • Optimized combination of high performance hydraulic components with outstanding famous brands world over
  • Use electro-hydraulic for cartridge technology
  • Oil cooler water temperature control valve
  • Dirty oil suction filter alarm (250 T – 1200 T)
  • Self-sealing oil fiter (250 T – 1200 T)
  • Non self-sealing oil fiter (60 T – 200 T)
  • Oil level indicator with low level alarm (200 T – 1200 T)
  • Safety valve for checking about the mold clamping
  • Core pullers (1 set for movable platen, with the other 1 set reserved) (60 T – 470 T)
  • Core pullers (2 sets for movable platen, without any reservation) (530 T – 600 T)
  • Core pullers (1 set for movable platen and 1 set for fixed platen, with 1 set for each one reserved) (700 T – 1200 T)
  • Check valve for core superposition (700 T – 1200 T)
  • Servo motor+high performance gear pump
  • Install water valve for cooling down oil temperature
  • External oil cooler (280 T – 1200 T)
  • Inside oil cooler (60 T – 250 T)
  • Inverter for  fan (60 T – 160 T)
  • Oil cooler inverter (200 T – 1200 T)
  • Safety chain for hydraulic hose
Electrical Unit

  • Technical parameters pre-setting
  • HaiTian Electrical interface of the robot (530 T – 1200 T)
  • Unattended running operation lock switch
  • PID barrel heating
  • Oil temperature warning device, oil temperature deviation indicating
  • Internal mold memory
  • High precision dispalcement introducer
  • Auto fault diagnosis,displaying and reproting the accident causes
  • 3 sets of auxiliary power outlets for auxiliary equipment
  • Emergency stop buttons for the front door and the back door
  • Built-in air auxiliary electrical interface
  • Molding condition monitoring function
  • Electric motor safety protection device
  • System hardware I/O testing function
  • Interlock protection function for electrical hardware
  • Main controller Techmation series 55, 12 inch color LCD (60 T – 530 T)
  • KEBA 2000 controller with 15” touch screen panel (600 T – 1200 T)
  • Rotary button box
  • S.S.R for temperature control
  • Electrical interface for core (with industrial plugs)